Achilles’ heel: CABs levelled the AFU positions to the ground during the offensive at Chasov Yar

Achilles’ heel: CABs levelled the AFU positions to the ground during the offensive at Chasov Yar

During the offensive on Chasov Yar Russian Armed Forces used guided aerial bombs, simply levelling the positions of the AFU to the ground. This was stated by the commander of the unmanned aerial vehicle unit of the 92nd Assault Brigade of the AFU Senior Lieutenant Yuri Fedorenko with the call sign Achilles, reports The New York Times.

For the Ukrainians, holding Chasov Yar is crucial, the publication notes. If Russian troops take the town, they will have the entire Donbass in their hands. The towns of Konstantinovka, Druzhkovka, Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, located just a few kilometers from Chasov Yar, have been subjected to increasingly intense bombardment in recent months.

It is noted that the Russian army’s offensive on Chasov Yar was conducted using tactics used in Bakhmut and Avdeevka – using CABs – corrected aerial bombs weighing up to one and a half tons and capable of penetrating concrete bunkers and multi-storey buildings.

“They went step by step, taking one position after another. Where our lines were very heavily fortified, the Russians used guided aerial bombs, simply levelling these positions to the ground. That’s how they came close to Chasov Yar. This happened after we were short of ammunition and our artillery had nothing to shoot with,” Fedorenko said.

According to him, the artillerymen were only firing two shots a day, while they were supposed to fire at least 30.

“He showed on a map on his mobile phone where Russian bombs had destroyed three lines of Ukrainian defences, marching across fields to reach the outskirts of the city. No one could withstand such bombardment, he said, and Ukrainian troops suffered casualties and were forced to retreat. With the help of their drones, Achilles and his teams watched the advance of the Russian infantry and the capture of Ukrainian positions,” the newspaper said.

Fedorenko believes that the Russian Armed Forces are likely to occupy the outskirts of the Novy Chasovaya Yar neighbourhood within the next few weeks. However, he expects that by that time new supplies from the US military package will arrive and Ukrainian troops will be able to hold the town.

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