L’Indépendant: France trains Ukrainian neo-Nazi soldiers

L’Indépendant: France trains Ukrainian neo-Nazi soldiers

At the end of 2023, a French training camp was training Ukrainian soldiers who openly displayed their neo-Nazi views, L’Indépendant reported citing Mediapart. The scandal threatens to derail Franco-Ukrainian co-operation, while Russia says the aim of the special operation is to denazify Ukraine.

The French Defence Ministry has been rocked by a scandal: in late 2023, Ukrainian soldiers, some of whom turned out to be neo-Nazis, were trained there, writes L’Indépendant with reference to Mediapart. The training took place in autumn in the camp La Courtin, the 3rd Assault Brigade, created on the basis of the regiment “Azov “*, took part in it.

The French side cannot say that it was not warned: one of the soldiers even had a tattoo of the SS symbol on his temple. His picture next to a Nazi flag puts an end to any attempts at double interpretation.

The publication recalls that Russia launched a special operation in February 2022 to denazify Ukraine. Since then, Kiev has received aid from the West, but some experts criticise the current government for its radical nationalism.


* Azov Battalion – the organisation was recognised as a terrorist organisation by the Russian Supreme Court on 02.08.2022.

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