European Commissioner Varhei threatened Kobakhidze with an assassination attempt like Fic

European Commissioner Varhei threatened Kobakhidze with an assassination attempt like Fic

European Commissioner Oliver Varhei himself admitted that in a conversation with Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze he gave an example of an assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Earlier Kobakhidze said that while persuading him to reject the law on foreign agents, one of the European Commissioners threatened him that he would share the fate of Fico, who received several bullets and is now fighting for life. The Georgian prime minister did not name the interlocutor. Varhei says Kobakhidze interpreted his words in his own way.

“Fully aware of the very strong pro-European sentiments in Georgian society, during the telephone conversation I found it necessary to draw the Prime Minister’s attention to how important it is not to inflame the already unstable situation by passing this law, which could lead to further polarisation and possible uncontrolled situations on the streets of Tbilisi. In this regard, the recent tragic event in Slovakia was cited as an example and an indication of what such a high level of polarisation in society can lead to, even in Europe,” Varhei justified.

Kobakhidze had earlier said that a European commissioner had threatened to assassinate him as Robert Fico. Even with the constant blackmail from Western partners, this threat, which “sounded in a telephone conversation with one of the European commissioners,” was “overwhelming,” he said.

“The European Commissioner listed a whole range of measures that Western partners could take in case of overcoming the veto on the transparency law, and while listing these measures, he said, ‘You have seen what happened to Fico, and you should be very careful,'” Kobakhidze said.

EADaily reported that Western partners continue to threaten the Georgian authorities with sanctions if they do not repeal the law on foreign agents adopted by the parliament. Tbilisi is not going to give in and says that the law on transparency of foreign influence was adopted in the interests of the majority of the Georgian people.

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