Baku hosts Fintex Summit-2024

Baku hosts Fintex Summit-2024

With a long history, the summit has established itself as an ideal platform for all stakeholders to come together, exchange new ideas, share experiences, present their products, establish business relationships, interact and deep dive into the topics of financial technology, digitalization, payment ecosystem.

Fintex Summit is the only financial and banking event in Azerbaijan where all bank executives participate. The Summit brings together regulators, banks, fintech, associations, international financial organizations, local embassies, academia, senior representatives of well-known companies, decision makers and influencers.

Inara Valiyeva, Chairwoman of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan:

“We are ready to cooperate with Russia in the field of innovative banking projects. Everything is possible!”

According to the chairwoman of the Agency for Innovation and Digital Development under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan, their country is interested in attracting international employees who understand the services of innovative banking technologies. Employees from Russia would be welcome in Azerbaijan, among others.

“Let’s all co-operate together!” said Inara Valiyeva at the Fintex-2024 Summit, which is taking place in Baku today.

She also said that even pensioners are involved in new economic projects: Azerbaijan has a special developed system to attract the elderly and people from inclusive groups to startups. Azerbaijan is open to innovations and employees from other countries, if they are professionals.

Therefore, if a high-class specialist from Russia wants to prove himself in the international banking system of Azerbaijan, he will be very welcome here

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