Media: Xi Jinping sent a strong message to the West ahead of Putin’s visit

Media: Xi Jinping sent a strong message to the West ahead of Putin’s visit

CNN: Xi Jinping’s tour has exposed divisions in the EU ahead of Putin’s visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s European tour ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s expected visit to China signalled that Beijing still has close partners in Europe despite divisions among the continent’s countries, according to CNN.

“Xi Jinping exposed divisions in Europe on the eve of Putin’s expected visit,” the TV channel’s article is entitled.

According to the piece, despite “difficult issues” in France regarding trade and the conflict in Ukraine, the Chinese president’s European tour ended with “a clear signal: China, despite friction with many European countries, still has fans in the Old Continent.”

China’s appealing power was clearly demonstrated in Serbia and Hungary: both countries, which receive large Chinese investments, announced during Xi Jinping’s visit that relations with Beijing were moving to a new level, a symbolic victory for the Chinese leader.

At the same time, the rest of the European countries are unlikely to give the Chinese President such a solemn welcome. As noted, Sino-European relations are marred by “a long and growing list of economic claims and complaints of the European Union against Beijing,” which could lead to a full-scale trade war.

“And Europe also has strong suspicions that Beijing is nurturing global ambitions and seeking to increase its influence. Europe is particularly displeased with China’s support for Russia,” the article states.

As the channel reminds, during his first visit to Europe in five years, Xi Jinping was pressured by French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

“Both are sure to be watching very closely the summit meeting between Xi and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, which is expected to take place soon,” the author of the material believes.

At the meeting with Macron and von der Leyen in France, Xi Jinping pointed out that China, France and the EU need to jointly counter the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine, to create conditions for peace talks. He said that China would support the holding of an international peace conference that would be recognized by both Russia and Ukraine.

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