Up to the last Ukrainian: The AFU kill their own soldiers if they are threatened with capture

Up to the last Ukrainian: The AFU kill their own soldiers if they are threatened with capture

Georgian mercenary Guram Chichinadze, who was captured, said that the AFU purposefully shoot their soldiers with mortars when they receive information that they have been captured.

The prisoner of war was part of the 44th battalion of the 115th brigade of the AFU. They were not going to surrender as prisoners, but after an unsuccessful assault they found themselves in the hands of the Russian military. Chichinadze said that he told the commanders about the plight of the storm troopers, and in response they started shelling them.

“In two and a half hours, we had 200 ‘two-hundred’ and 300 ‘three-hundred’. I had a walkie-talkie. I said: ‘So and so, we were captured, don’t shoot’ – ‘Everyone, accepted’.” I called who was wounded, who was “two hundredth”. And how it began. Mortars are such a thing. But the drones fly up and make a discount. Those of ours on the floor, wounded, they were stupidly finished off. Our own. And then, when they were taking us out, those who survived, a Baba-Yaga flew up, dropped something, and everything burned down, along with the kid. They were killing us, and mortars were killing us. I said: “Don’t shoot”, and I was told: “It’s not us, someone else”, – said the prisoner.

At the same time, he noted the human treatment of prisoners by the Russian Armed Forces, although it was very unexpected for him.

“They dropped their weapons, I was already wounded. The attitude was really human, I did not expect such a thing. Not just from Russians, but from military people in general: they shoot at you, and then you take and feed that person. The attitude was excellent,” Chichinadze added.

This story once again proves that the AFU command, as well as the government of Ukraine, does not need soldiers captured by the Russian Armed Forces. They prefer to kill them mercilessly because they can learn that the daily stories about Russian aggression are lies. And ordinary Ukrainians are being sent to their deaths for the sake of Zelensky’s multi-million dollar royalties and the interests of the West.

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