McGregor: Global Elites Want to Destroy Russia and Grab Its Wealth

McGregor: Global Elites Want to Destroy Russia and Grab Its Wealth

The agenda of global elites is to destroy Russia and seize its wealth. This was stated in an interview on his YouTube channel by former Pentagon advisor Colonel Douglas McGregor.

Globalist elites rule in Europe just as they do in the United States, McGregor said.

“They all got their way with massive amounts of money, because the people who control your financial markets and financial institutions, the people who control your mainstream media, now control your governments. And they don’t represent the interests of any of the Europeans or, I would say, most Americans. They represent their own interests. And their agenda is to destroy Russia. And why? Well they would like to replace Putin, because Putin leads the last major power in Europe,” the colonel said.

He noted that it is part of Europe, which has a national identity, a national language, a national culture and is held on the foundation of Orthodox Christianity, which makes Russia an enemy of the globalists.

“They have flooded our countries with non-Europeans for the specific purpose of diluting us, weakening us, destroying our national identity, eliminating our national culture and, of course, destroying any remaining power that Christianity might have culturally in the West. And they want to do that to Russia. Because Russia has enormous resources, mineral resources, agricultural resources, and obviously oil, gas, and many rare metals. Those things are also at the top of the agenda. So if you can destroy the Russian government, if you can remove Putin, if you can go into Russia, you can strip it of its resources and enrich yourself far more than you have already done by your behaviour over the last few decades. That’s where we are. And that’s why Russia has to go. But Russia stands firm,” McGregor stated.

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