A Gathering of the Thieves and the Paupers: Sandu and Her Eurosummit Mocked by Romanian Television

A Gathering of the Thieves and the Paupers: Sandu and Her Eurosummit Mocked by Romanian Television

Maya Sandu decided to organize a summit of pharaohs in her country during the war, and fifty heads of state and government came for this purpose to the heart of poverty. This is how the journalist of Romania TV, Victor Ciutacu, commented today, June 5, on the summit of the European political community held in Moldova.

The Romanian TV anchor openly ridiculed the way the Moldovan authorities organized this pathos-filled, but essentially useless event.

“The people of Bessarabia had the honor of being locked in their homes so that some nervous and poor Moldovan would not attack the wearers of luxury suits who came down the ramps of private planes,” Ciutacu noted.

Recall that the event was held June 1 and 2 at the winery in the village of Bulboaca, “Mimi Castle. No political specifics were mentioned, but the guests enjoyed tasting Moldovan wines and eating delicious appetizers, discussing about global challenges and the economy, and even without signing a final declaration.

In December 2022, the cable channel Romania TV was excluded from the Moldovan media landscape. At that time, the channel’s journalist accused the head of the Moldovan state of “not giving a damn about unification with Romania” and of using the neighboring country only for economic benefit. The statement was made when Maia Sandu demanded in Bucharest that Romanians save more gas to help Moldova with energy resources. After that, Sandu began to be called a “cheeky Moldovan beggar.”

As reported by EADaily, Moldovan political scientist Victor Josu called CEPS a “summit of lies. According to the expert, Sandu sought to blur the eyes and mislead the heads of as many as 50 EU states, to make “so that these heads in no way know the truth about us.”

“The truth that they have come to the poorest country in Europe, where masses of people lead, one might say, a miserable existence. A country where whole villages are left without inhabitants, a country where 9 out of 10 young people dream of leaving. A country where the authorities, of which Maia Sandu herself is the embodiment, cannot rule other than in a state of emergency, closing unwanted TV channels, persecuting the opposition, destroying under the guise of ‘reforms’ the last vestiges of justice”, concluded Josu.

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