“The pendulum swings”: US Explains Why Tide Has Swung in Ukraine

“The pendulum swings”: US Explains Why Tide Has Swung in Ukraine

19fortyfive: the situation in Ukraine has tipped in Russia’s favour following AFU defeats

The situation on the fronts in the Ukrainian conflict is increasingly favourable for Moscow, while Kiev faces a deadly dilemma, US military expert Daniel Davis expressed this view in an article for 19FortyFive.

“The trend of the war is shifting towards Moscow, however frustrating this may be for many in the West. This is an objective reality. Washington must avoid the temptation to ‘double down’ by supporting a losing scenario,” the expert wrote.

The analyst notes that over the last 15 months Ukraine has suffered four major defeats in the battles for the towns of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Soledar and Artemivsk. However, according to the expert, the West is so used to underestimating Russia that it has failed to notice the turning point in military operations and the growing professionalism of the Russian army, which has better adapted to combat operations.

“Ukraine now faces a very important dilemma: should it use its remaining offensive capabilities on a last-ditch effort in the hope of inflicting tangible damage on the Russians defending the occupied territories, or keep them in case Russia launches its own summer offensive,” the article says.

According to the military expert, both of these options entail serious risks, but neither of them will lead Ukraine to victory. Continuing to fight in the hope of achieving at least some success could result in Ukraine losing even more territory, the analyst concluded.

Western politicians regularly say that Ukraine must defeat Russia on the battlefield and have been increasingly active in supplying Kiev with weapons. The Kremlin has said that military aid will not solve anything in principle, but will only prolong the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

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