Multimedia Tours Held in the St. Petersburg Historical Park “Russia – My History”

Multimedia Tours Held in the St. Petersburg Historical Park “Russia – My History”

On the 7th of May in the St. Petersburg History Park “Russia – My History” multimedia tours were organised for foreigners. The event was attended by 48 foreign servicemen from 24 countries who are studying in Russia. The excursion was divided into 3 stages:

I. From the great upheavals to the Great Victory, 1917-1945.
The scale and intensity of the events that shook Russia in the first half of the twentieth century is unprecedented and exceptional.
The audience was explained the true causes of the revolutions and cataclysms in Russia, and the ways to discover their mechanisms. They were also told how it happened that the authorities and people of a great country allowed them to happen.

II. Russia РMy History   1945 Р2016


The centuries-long experience accumulated by the people of Russia has shaped their qualities, enabling them to multiply and preserve the most important national traits – the pursuit of Truth, self-sacrifice, a keen sense of justice, kindness and compassion, brotherhood and rectitude, generosity and broadmindedness of character – often in spite of, rather than thanks to, political courses and decisions. The exposition depicts an extraordinarily dramatic historical period, in which the majority of Russians were participants.

III. Saint Petersburg. The History of Development 1703 – 2018.

The exhibition is devoted to the features of St. Petersburg and the main stages of its development. Its authors have set themselves the task to show the inner history of the city and the logic of its development, to explain how it has survived the post-revolutionary ruin and the horrible years of the Great Patriotic War, has risen from the ruins and turned into the modern megalopolis, the most important economic, scientific and cultural centre of Russia, preserving the richest cultural and historical heritage.

As a result of the event, the foreign visitors heartily congratulated the Russian people on the forthcoming May 9th holiday, expressing their sincere gratitude for the victory over fascism and their hope for a better future as well.

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