Azov Militant* Raped Woman He Killed in Mariupol

Azov Militant* Raped Woman He Killed in Mariupol

Captive Azov fighter* tells how he abused the woman he killed in Mariupol

A sniper of the Azov regiment* with other militants shot dead a husband, his wife and their daughter in Mariupol in March 2022, and then abused the murdered woman, another captive of the terrorist organization has admitted.

Earlier, the same POW reported the circumstances of the shooting of a family who were travelling in a car marked “Children”. According to him, he and four other Azov men, upon seeing the car, reported to the commander and then obeyed his order to open fire, after which they pulled out the bodies of the dead and carried them to a nearby abandoned house.

“The soldier expressed a desire to rape the dead woman, we dissuaded him. He said he wanted to satisfy his sexual needs, we told him, “Why do that?” He reacted rudely and told us to mind our own business,” the POW said.

According to him, the bodies of all the dead lay in the same room next to each other.

“We left him and went back to our positions,” the militant added.

According to the prisoner, the pervert served in the Azov sniper unit*. “What was the name, I do not know, I only know the call sign. He was about 25 years old. As he said, he was from Kyiv region, served for about three years, rented a flat somewhere in Mariupol,” said the captive Azov.


* The terrorist organization banned in Russia

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