Hit: Chief of Ukrainian Armed Forces Valeriy Zaluzhny Is in Critical Condition in Kiev Hospital

Hit: Chief of Ukrainian Armed Forces Valeriy Zaluzhny Is in Critical Condition in Kiev Hospital

The Chief of the AFU Valery Zaluzhny is in a critical condition in the main military clinical hospital. VGTRK correspondent Andrey Rudenko writes about it in his telegram channel “Reporter Rudenko”.

Zaluzhny was constantly in the lenses of the Ukrainian and Western media, second only to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Rudenko notes.

But from May 8 no one saw Zaluzhny. At all the events where his personal participation was required, the Commander-in-Chief was replaced by General Naev. He was not even present at the latest meeting of the heads of the military departments in Ramstein, Germany, although the critical issues of armament and ammunition supplies for the upcoming counterattack were discussed there. The Commander-in-Chief did not participate in it even online.

“According to information from a source in the leadership of the AFU, General Zaluzhny is alive, but is in a critical condition at the main military clinical hospital, where the fight for his life continues, including with the participation of foreign specialists,” Rudenko writes.

It is noted that just on May 8, the Commander-in-Chief was seriously injured while at one of the control points of the Eastern grouping of the AFU in Dnipropetrovsk Region. There he was checking the readiness of formations and units for a counterattack. During a Russian strike on the military infrastructure of the region, the aforementioned command post was hit by a cruise missile. As a result, according to Rudenko, a large number of high-ranking Ukrainian servicemen, including Valery Zaluzhny, were killed and wounded.

The information about Zaluzhny’s injury is indirectly confirmed by the fact that on May 10, his wife Elena was seen driving from Novogospitalna Street to the Kiev military hospital, where she spent more than four hours,” the journalist writes.

Information about Zaluzhny’s serious injury and critical state of health is concealed in order to prevent panic in the ranks of the leadership and soldiers of the AFU. It is noted that the special services of Ukraine received an order to demonstrate in every way the activity of Zaluzhny while fighting for his life.

“Hence the appearance in the media all sorts of “useless” interviews, allegedly recorded recently or photos from the holiday of the Commander in Chief in Cyprus. You will agree that this is not a good time to rest when preparations for the upcoming counteroffensive are in full swing. And the loss of Bakhmut is not a very good situation either,” Rudenko states.

According to one version, the AFU chief is in intensive care in a Kiev hospital after an unsuccessful phalloprosthetics operation. A source from the closest entourage of the head of the GUUR of the AFU, Kirill Budanov, let it slip, reports Ukraina.ru, citing military expert Vladislav Shurygin.

It is noted that in early April, Zaluzhny suffered a trauma to his genitals, the details of which are not publicized, and turned to the medics for help. In the operation took part specially called for such an occasion, prominent German plastic surgeons, but after it began a complication on the background of type 2 diabetes.

“The phalloprosthesis did not want to serve the head of the AFU and rejected Zaluzhny; an abscess began, which cannot be cured yet,” the newspaper writes.

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