Journalist Said Zelensky Was Hysterical at EU Summit

Journalist Said Zelensky Was Hysterical at EU Summit

Journalist van Denski reports on Zelensky’s hysterical speech at EU summit in Brussels

Volodymyr Zelensky spoke at the EU summit in a very harsh and emotional way, demanding the immediate supply of weapons, the journalist of the Europe Diplomatic edition, member of the International Press Association in Brussels Anne van Denski said, citing colleagues familiar with the situation.

According to van Denski, who published a video from the EU press centre on her YouTube channel, Zelensky was given the floor during the discussions at the summit and he took part in the negotiations. But journalists “close to the diplomats” said Zelensky was surrounded by the Ukrainian military and his speech was very emotional. He said that if military aid did not arrive immediately, then “there would simply be nobody” to supply it.

“So he put the issue squarely, he was very harsh, very emotional, and that’s why his speech was not published,” van Denski reported, noting that footage of Zelensky’s speech was not available on his social media at the time her video was recorded. Zelensky later published a video address on the EU summit, but there he is depicted alone in a train carriage.

“Most likely, this speech will not appear because he was really expressing his thoughts in a very harsh form, as he believes that all these political declarations are worthless if there is no action,” the journalist added.

In a video message published the day before and dedicated to the European summit, Zelensky complained about the lack of new progress in supporting Ukraine and delaying the adoption of the decisions Kiev needs. He criticized the significant delay in deliveries of long-range missiles, the lack of a decision on the transfer of modern Western aircraft to Kiev and on imposing new sanctions against Russia, as well as delaying decisions on the country’s European integration.

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