“Hitler did the same thing.” Network Horrified by Zelensky’s Decision

“Hitler did the same thing.” Network Horrified by Zelensky’s Decision

YouTube users outraged by Ukrainian authorities’ decision to destroy Russian literature

Network users were outraged by the decision of Kiev authorities to destroy Russian literature and demolish monuments.

The US TV channel ABC News has published a story on its Youtube channel dedicated to “the rejection of the Russian language and culture”. The footage showed a printing factory on the outskirts of Kiev destroying works of Russian literature. Viewers saw books by Pushkin, Chekhov and other classics. Afterwards, images emerged of the demolition of the monuments. Network users were outraged by what they saw.

“This is what Nazis do,” one commenter wrote.

“Yes, this is what the Nazis did,” another supported him.

“Destroying a huge amount of literature is simply barbaric,” a third was indignant.

“Hitler did the same thing,” shared a viewer.

“Well, I don’t even know what to say, there are a lot of Ukrainian refugees in my town and they speak Russian amongst themselves on the street, not Ukrainian,” said one user.

“It’s like pouring beer into a river in Austria to get rid of German culture,” the commenter concluded.

Earlier, the Ukrainian media reported the destruction of 20 million books in Russian.

The dismantling of monuments associated with Soviet history, as well as the renaming of streets, began in Ukraine in 2015, when a decommunisation law was passed. Recently, Kiev has started fighting not only against Soviet history, but also against everything related to Russia.

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