Number of Protesters Detained in Paris Exceeds 200

Number of Protesters Detained in Paris Exceeds 200

The number of people detained for participation in protests in central Paris against pension reforms has risen to 217, BFMTV reported, citing data from the prefecture. The previous list included 73 detainees who were accused of vandalism and arson after they dispersed a spontaneous rally on Place de la Concorde.

RIA Novosti reported that people had started to gather in the afternoon in front of the National Assembly building in Paris. After Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced the adoption of the law by means of Article 49.3 of the constitution without the approval of the deputies, thousands of people began to gather on the Place de la Concorde. Clashes between protesters and police began in the evening and tear gas was used. Later, the police used water cannons to disperse the demonstration. Late in the evening, protesters are still erecting barricades and setting fires, with several cars on fire.

On Thursday rallies took place in almost all major French cities. The CFDT is planning a new general demonstration on 23 March against the law on raising the retirement age.

The reform adopted on Thursday calls for an increase in the retirement age in the country and the abolition of “special” regimes for a number of difficult professions. Authorities will start raising the retirement age by three months a year from September 1, 2023. Thus, it will reach 64 years by 2030 instead of the current 62.

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