Japan Explains Lack of Effect of Sanctions by Genius of Russians

Japan Explains Lack of Effect of Sanctions by Genius of Russians

Professor Hattori: The genius of Russians has reduced the impact of Western sanctions

Western and Japanese sanctions against Russia have had little effect on the daily lives of citizens, and the Russians have demonstrated their ability to cope with difficulties. Rinsuke Hattori, professor at the Centre for Slavic and Eurasian Studies at Hokkaido University, said this in an article for Wedge Infinity.

He quoted Asuka Tokuyama of the Japan Association for Trade with Russia and the CIS as saying that “the Russians are a genius at finding ways out of various difficult situations”. Hattori noted that he agreed immediately with such a statement.

“Sanctions have certainly made it impossible to use the services they used to have. But the Russians are still geniuses. They find their own solutions. So far, the sanctions have not led to a significant drop in living standards in Russia,” the piece says.

A stable supply of staple foods is national policy for Russia today, the professor added. Grain export restrictions were also introduced in 2022 to give priority to the domestic market, he pointed out.

Earlier, on 9 March, former diplomat Ukeru Magosaki wrote for Nikkan Gendai that Japan would have to regret its anti-Russian policy because of Ukraine. There is a battle going on in Ukraine between the Russian army and forces backed by the US and other NATO countries.

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