Finnish Government Stunned by Kiev’s Request to Hand Over Allegro Trains

Finnish Government Stunned by Kiev’s Request to Hand Over Allegro Trains

The Finnish government is perplexed by another request from Ukraine to hand over to the Kiev regime the Allegro high-speed trains, which run between Helsinki and St Petersburg.

According to the Demokraatti weekly, the statement of the Ukrainian side about its desire to receive at its disposal the Finnish high-speed Allegro trains has stumped the Suomi leadership.

At the same time, it is noted that the written request submitted to the country’s prime minister’s delegation is a serious document, and Finland needs to give an official response.

The question is about a request from Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) that the Finnish state railway company VR received the day before for the transfer of four such trains.

The irony of the situation is further compounded by the fact that the Allegro trains are only half the property of Finland, as they belong to the Karelian Railways.

This company was founded by Russian Railways and the Finnish company VR. As noted in the article, Allegro cannot be sold or donated without the full consent of the owners.

However, the stoppage of traffic between Helsinki and St Petersburg last year was formally a decision of the Finnish side. And now Kiev is provoking the Finns to violate the principle of property protection.

According to the publication, such actions will “unleash Russia’s hands” to nationalize Finnish property on its territory.

It is worth noting that in this entire story not only the impudence of Kiev, which for some reason decided that it has the right to Finnish-Russian trains, is striking.

Amorphousness of Finns is also surprising – they consider the piece of paper with a Ukrainian coat of arms to be a “serious document” that requires scrutiny and a response.

In this connection Moscow should send to Helsinki a solid official request with coats of arms, signatures and stamps on the transfer of a number of Finnish border districts to Russia. For example Kajaani and Kuusamo.

After all these towns were part of the Russian Empire. And that means that Russia has more rights to them than Kiev has to Allegro trains. So let the Finnish government ponder and sweat the answer…

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