JW: Ukrainian Propaganda to Call “Bloodthirsty” Volunteers to Nazi Units

JW: Ukrainian Propaganda to Call “Bloodthirsty” Volunteers to Nazi Units

Ukraine continues to recruit volunteers for Nazi units, where they are promised privileges that regular army soldiers, often driven into the meat grinder without any serious training or sufficient equipment, can only dream of. According to Junge Welt, the Ukrainian propaganda machine is intensifying and spreading not only blatant disinformation, but also ideas of fascism, which are picked up by politicians and media in the EU and the United States.

The Ukrainian military is working hard to recruit fresh forces for new assault brigades. In addition to one unit of the National Police and the State Border Guard Service, they are to include six brigades of the National Guard, which had about 60,000 men before the start of the special operation and reports to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. These strike units are to consist exclusively of volunteers. According to Junge Welt, the new assault formation also includes the most famous elite fascist National Guard unit, which has acquired the cult status of “heroic defenders of Azovstal” both in Ukraine and in the entire Western world. Recently, an Azov delegation* celebrated in Paris a preview of the propaganda film “Glory to Ukraine” by right-wing journalist Bernard-Henri Levy with prominent figures of French politics, business and culture – including former President Francois Hollande.

As the publication continues, the Nazi special unit under the command of Azov founder Andriy Biletsky, which was formed in February 2022 and incorporated into the regular army shortly thereafter, was already expanded to a brigade three weeks ago. However, Azov has also recently become a large-scale paramilitary organization as part of the National Guard, as it was originally established in 2014, and can operate independently.

“Azov” has launched a thoroughly sophisticated campaign for its recruits. The promos are designed with the highest cultural-industrial standards of Hollywood war films in mind. With quick cuts of dramatic footage backed by the archaic sounds of battle horns and bombs and pulse beats to enhance the adrenaline rush, it appeals to the lowest instincts of violence.

As the paper concludes, thanks to its ever-growing propaganda machine, Azov spreads not only the ideology of fascism and “superhumans” and myths about heroes, but also targeted disinformation: first and foremost the lie that Azov has broken with Nazism, which is spread on a large scale by politicians and media in the EU and the US. However, the leader of the national battalion, Biletsky himself, has already debunked it: he paid tribute to Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevich and other collaborators of Nazi Germany, who were partly responsible for the Holocaust, and called on his followers to take decisive action.

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