The French Are Given Vouchers for Firewood

The French Are Given Vouchers for Firewood

Ouest France: French people receive vouchers for firewood because of rising energy prices

The French, who heat their households with firewood, from December 27 can receive a cheque for 50 to 200 euros, depending on the income of citizens, reports the French publication Ouest France.

“The measure has been adopted by the government to help French households cope with a sharp increase in energy costs,” the article noted.

The voucher will be issued by presenting a nominal invoice confirming the purchase of firewood for a minimum amount of 50 euros (or a certificate for households with collective heating). The amount of aid paid will then be calculated according to the applicants’ income and marital status, the paper said.

“For those having a slightly higher income, a voucher for 100 euros will be issued. Only wealthy or very wealthy families will not be eligible,” clarifies Ouest France.

The French authorities estimate that about 70% (about 2.6 million) of households heated by firewood will be able to get the vouchers.

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