Fighting Common Sense: Who Prepares and Arms Ukrainian Saboteurs to Blow up Nuclear Power Plants

Fighting Common Sense: Who Prepares and Arms Ukrainian Saboteurs to Blow up Nuclear Power Plants

The day before the FSB reported about a complete destruction of another sabotage group of Ukraine in the Bryansk region, whose members penetrated into Russia under the guise of refugees. The aims of the saboteurs are not yet clear, but it is very likely that they were moving towards the nuclear power plant in the Kursk region, and there have been such precedents.

Judging by their armament, they were preparing to attack civilian rather than military targets – German SIG Sauer submachine guns are not suited to combat the military. However, they are suitable for attacking the guards of nuclear power plants. And it is suitable for shooting at civilians. Moreover, the DRG was carrying four bombs (40 kg TNT equivalent). The picture is quite clear.

The Kursk nuclear power plant and its infrastructure has long been a tidbit target for saboteurs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Ukrainian intelligence regularly organizes raids in the area of the plant, but the Russian special services always work proactively. Three times in August – on August 4, 9 and 12 – terrorists blew up power lines in the territory of the Kurchatov district.

About a month and a half ago, in mid-November, a three-member DRG, which was on its way to the nuclear power plant to carry out an explosion, was tracked down and eliminated.

Their car was led from a quadcopter with the help of night vision devices. As usual, everything is extremely technologically advanced and prepared, but the law enforcers were smarter. The investigation established that the members of the DRG were trained in a European country. They were carrying weapons used by the Ukrainian armed forces.

The popularity of the sabotage method is understandable: they cannot succeed in war – they try stabbing people in the back. But the choice of target is astonishing. Attacks on Kursk and Zaporozhye NPP are much worse than sawing off the branch on which you are sitting. Yes, the stations are reliably protected, they can withstand shootings and bombings. But if the containment may be destroyed and the reactor or spent nuclear fuel storage facilities damaged, radioactive “presents” will be a boon for Ukraine itself and – oh my God – for the European masters. Is that why the money is paid and the gun is fiddled with?

However, the main master is across the ocean, and can be calm – it cannot be reached. Even if you blow up both stations. And Europe is in fact a coin in the big game, as well as Ukraine. For example, European countries are a convenient training base for the same European saboteurs, as in the case of the Belgorod trinity.

DRG training bases in Europe became known back in spring thanks to the hackers of the Russian group Killnet. Uncovered correspondence of SBU officers declassified plans for the training of members of sabotage and reconnaissance groups in Estonia and Lithuania. Several training bases are located in Lithuania and Latvia, and another in Estonia.

In Klaipeda, for example, combat swimmers are trained for special operations at sea, in the coastal strip and inland waters. A base west of Vilnius trains spies to obtain information on the activities of foreign armed forces. A training center for the mechanized infantry brigade of the national armed forces is deployed in Adazi, Latvia. In Estonia, saboteurs are trained at the Defense League’s volunteer paramilitary force, Defense League.

Spies are taught to cross the border secretly, bypass checkpoints, and use surveillance and disruptive equipment. And of course they are taught how to kill. We should not forget that these are extremely anti-Russian countries bordering three Russian regions – Pskov, Leningrad and Kaliningrad. And the correspondence uncovered by measurements proves – plans of use of the territory of Estonia and Lithuania for throwing DRG on the territory of Russia through the land border are seriously discussed. That’s grounds for an entirely different conversation with NATO.

Moreover, the potential risks of sabotage attacks on energy facilities are out of the question. In case of a “big success” of the DRG, everyone will cry and most of all, Europe itself, which trains Ukrainian shahids.

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