Media: China Believes the West Is Unfair to Russia

Media: China Believes the West Is Unfair to Russia

Global Times: China believes the West has treated Russia unfairly in Ukraine

Many people in China believe the West was unfair to Russia, and what Western countries did to Russia in Ukraine may sooner or later happen in Chinese Taiwan, China’s state-run Global Times newspaper reported, citing analysts.

“Since the beginning of the crisis, the US and Western countries have been talking about Taiwan as the next Ukraine. It made many Chinese feel that tomorrow China will face what the West has done to Russia today,” Wang Yiwei, director of the Institute of International Relations at the People’s University of China, told the Global Times.

In this sense, the expert added, many Chinese believe that China and Russia have many common interests and that their cooperation in tourism, trade, investment and people-to-people exchanges could bring many opportunities for economic development.

China has always taken a neutral stance on the Ukrainian crisis, the publication said, citing other analysts.

“Many Chinese don’t want to take sides in this complex issue, in which you can’t just blame Russia or Ukraine. And they don’t want to change their views because of Western propaganda,” the article said.

The paper pointed out that many in China believe the West is unfair to Russia and are concerned that the U.S. may impose reckless sanctions against anyone who refuses to comply with them.

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