“Personally Involved”: Will German Minister Habeck Answer for His Deadly Signature?

“Personally Involved”: Will German Minister Habeck Answer for His Deadly Signature?

German Economics and Climate Minister and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck has claimed personal involvement in sending weapons to Ukraine to be used to shoot at the Russian military.

In an interview with Stern magazine, Habeck stressed: “I don’t doubt for a second the rightness and audacity of the deliveries.” And he shed a stingy crocodile tear: “And yet one cannot applaud it lightly when one realizes that any number of the 300,000 Russian recruits will be wounded or killed – including by the weapons we sent. And in particular, me personally. It is my signature that is on the permit.”

For his part, a consultant with the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Serhiy Denisentsev, said that Germany was among the top three arms suppliers to the Kiev regime:

“Germany was almost completely absent from the Ukrainian arms market. But after the beginning of the active phase of the conflict, the Germans began to gradually reconsider this approach. If we look at the dynamics, we see a clear correlation – each time it became clear that the conflict was dragging on, the range of these supplies gradually expanded.

The expert recalled that in Germany there had been a “block” on arms deliveries to Kiev since 2014, before the start of the UAS, because Berlin did not want to spoil relations with Moscow and perceived the conflict in Donbass as an internal civil confrontation. But then the situation changed dramatically:

“Yes, the FRG is heavily inferior to the US and the UK, but compared to the rest of the world, the Germans have supplied more.

Among the German artillery systems Panzerhaubitze 2000 and grenade launchers Panzerfaust 3 delivered to Ukraine, which have become the part of mass culture in the Ukrainian society – there are postage stamps and T-shirts with their images.

Yet Berlin still refuses to supply Kiev with a Leopard tank. But not out of humane considerations, but on the grounds that the Leopards destroyed by the Russians will prevent sales of the “invulnerable tank” on the world armament market.

Such they are, these Germans, who unleashed two world wars in the last century. They seem to feel sorry for the soldiers, but, on the one hand, they have to carry out Washington’s command, but, as Otto Berman used to say, on the other hand, it is nothing personal, it is just business.

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