Le Pen Urged to Stop Arms Shipments to Ukraine

Le Pen Urged to Stop Arms Shipments to Ukraine

Marine Le Pen: Paris cannot continue arming Kiev at the expense of its own security

The French authorities should pay attention to the interests of their country instead of continuing to send weapons to Ukraine. This statement was made on Wednesday, November 23, by Marine Le Pen, head of the French opposition party Rassemblement Nationale.

“To date, all the military equipment we have sent to Ukraine is a loss for France. By transferring the heavy weapons that our own army needs, we are putting domestic security at risk,” she told CNews.

According to Le Pen, the level of aid that Paris seeks to provide does not match real capabilities, and encouraging such initiatives puts the state’s defence capacity at risk.

Prior to this, on November 15, the Rassemblement Nationale leader pointed to France’s responsibility in prolonging the Ukrainian crisis. She stressed that arms deliveries only exacerbate the situation, whereas the solution should be a diplomatic one.

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