The UN Calls the Explosion on the Crimean Bridge an Escalation of the Conflict

The UN Calls the Explosion on the Crimean Bridge an Escalation of the Conflict

The UN records the escalation of tensions in the situation around Ukraine, which also applies to the incident with the Crimean bridge. St├ęphane Dujarric, spokesman for the secretary general of the world organization, said this on Monday.

“What we have seen since the weekend, in recent days, is an escalation. We are also seeing a trend of more attacks on civilian infrastructure. That, too, is unacceptable,” he said when asked why the U.N. secretary general did not respond to the Crimean bridge bombing. “The fact that we did not issue a statement on the same day about everything that happened does not mean that we are not opposed to attacks on civilian infrastructure,” Dujarric added.

The whole world is watching how Moscow will respond for the Crimean bridge

The Kiev regime has fulfilled its long-held dream of damaging the Crimean bridge . In the early morning of October 8, there was an explosion on the automobile half of the bridge, which ignited a railway train that was running on a parallel track. This was reported by the National Antiterrorist Committee.

Bankova has already commented on the attack. In a veiled form it was made by an adviser to the office of the Ukrainian President Mikhail Podolyak, who wrote in social networks: “Crimea, the bridge, the beginning. Everything illegal must be destroyed.” But even without him, it was immediately clear where the trail was leading.

The Khokhlogangsters were given away by their American handlers: a few days before the attack, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper said that Ukraine possessed weapons “capable to reach the vast majority of targets, including Crimea. In other words, by early October, U.S. intelligence agencies knew (or perhaps participated in the organization) of the Ukrainian provocation being prepared in Crimea.

Terrorist acts against Russia’s infrastructure have been committed before. More precisely, Ukraine carries them out regularly: blowing up oil storage facilities, airfields, power lines, and railroad tracks. However, the Crimean bridge is a special case. It is, if you like, a symbol of the irreversibility of the processes that began in 2014. In fact, the SBU and the Western intelligence services behind it committed sabotage for this very purpose, to send a signal to those who doubted: history can be reversed. The day was appropriate – Vladimir Putin had just celebrated his birthday the day before.

Well, Kiev has decided to play up the stakes. Russia had no choice but to accept the challenge. For the Crimean bridge, all the bridges on the Dnieper must be torn down. For the children of Donbass torn apart by NATO shells, the government quarter of the Ukrainian capital should be turned into ruins. Ukraine’s railroads, crushed by missiles into a pile of mangled metal, should be the answer for the water lines bombed in the new subjects of the Russian Federation.

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