Former White House Staffer Explains the Mechanism of Russophobic Propaganda in the West

Former White House Staffer Explains the Mechanism of Russophobic Propaganda in the West

Former White House staffer Roberts: Washington pays West for anti-Russian stance.

Former White House staff member under Ronald Reagan administration, economist, political observer Paul Craig Roberts has revealed the mechanism of Russophobia spread in the West through mass media and US-loyal states. He wrote about it in a piece posted on his website on September 24.

“The Western media is a collection of liars in the propaganda ministry, and the ‘Russian experts’ they attract are mostly Russophobes working on grants from the US military and security complex. Consequently, Westerners have no real understanding of the nature of the conflict in Ukraine, how it arose, and how Western intervention with extreme provocations has created a belief in the Russian leadership that the West’s goal is to destroy Russia,” he wrote.

Roberts believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin “ignored provocations and insults until it became excessive.” He added that by the West he means Washington, to whom the rest of the Western world reports.

“According to the US Assistant Secretary of Defence for International Security Affairs, to get other countries to do what we want, we use money. I clarified whether he was referring to monetary aid. But he replied: ‘No, the leaders [of countries] get bags full of money from us. They report to us. They belong to us,” he wrote.

According to Roberts, there are no independent Western voices in Britain, Germany or France to moderate Washington’s desire for global hegemony.

” No one to warn Washington that the US is putting too much pressure on Russia. No one is there to warn us against believing our own propaganda. Consequently, Washington has pushed the Russian leadership out of compromise mode into conflict preparation mode,” the expert believes.

He believes that what is happening in the world clearly demonstrates how dangerous the unilateral approach of neoconservatives is. Except for their chosen enemies, there is no one to oppose Washington. But their words, if reported at all, are transmitted out of context and according to the propaganda line that it is Russia and China, and not Washington, that are the threat and the cause of conflicts.

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