Hungary’s Prime Minister Calls on the EU to Lift Sanctions Against Russia

Hungary’s Prime Minister Calls on the EU to Lift Sanctions Against Russia

If the sanctions against Russia were lifted, prices and inflation would immediately fall in Europe and its economy would have a chance to recover and avoid recession, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said.

” In case the sanctions were lifted, prices would immediately fall by half, inflation would also go down. Without sanctions, Europe’s economy would have recovered and could have avoided the impending recession,” Magyar Nemzet newspaper quoted Orban as saying.

Hungarian prime minister reiterated that sanctions were the cause of economic problems, the energy crisis and inflation.

“When Brussels imposed these sanctions at the beginning of the summer, the European bureaucrats did not promise that. They promised that the sanctions would hit Russia, not Europeans. It has since become clear that the sanctions imposed are hurting Europe more than Russia,” he said.

Orban appealed to members of the ruling coalition for “…doing everything possible to persuade Europe to lift these sanctions no later than the end of the year”.

The Hungarian prime minister has constantly criticised the EU for its anti-Russian policy. He noted that there are thousands of sanctions against Russia, but they have not shaken Moscow, while Europe has already lost four governments and is in deep economic and political crisis. In addition, Orban believes that European Union countries missed the chance to mediate in the conflict in Ukraine because they failed to enforce the Minsk agreements.

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