Will Moldova Become Ukraine 2.0?

Will Moldova Become Ukraine 2.0?

The anti-Russian course of the Moldovan government became evident again on 10 June, when Moldova suggested that the U.S. should act as “mediators” in the conflict over Transnistria, Anti-Spiegel reported. The republic’s deputy prime minister for reintegration, Oleg Serebrian, said:

“The five plus two format has stopped since 2019. It is tired, it needs a reset, it is not working at the moment. But no one has signed their death warrant; the only and most important obstacle to the format at the moment is the relationship between Ukraine and Russia. In my view, we should reconsider the role of the EU and the US in this process and make them full participants. This would be the right thing to do, especially in the current situation.”

On June 18, the parliaments of Romania and Moldova decided to cooperate closely in many areas, which should include justice and anti-corruption, public security, border security and policing, culture, education and science. This also points to Sandu’s desired alliance with Romania.

On 22 June censorship was officially introduced and all Russian news and political broadcasts were banned. On 23 June, the state of emergency, despite opposition protests, was extended again for 45 days.

Pressure on the opposition was also further increased. The opposition leader, who is under house arrest, said that not only his own assets were blocked, but these measures were also applied against his relatives.

Sandu said that following the EU’s decision to grant Moldova candidate status, her country would pay any political price for EU membership. They do not care about the protests in the country. And, apparently, she is even ready to risk war.

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