Tatarov Confirms Ukrainian Soldiers Sold HIMARS

Tatarov Confirms Ukrainian Soldiers Sold HIMARS

The Russian military showed ingenuity when they bought the HIMARS multiple rocket launcher system from Ukrainian soldiers, documentary filmmaker Valeriy Tatarov said.

“I communicate with military people, I visit units. Indeed, they are talking about it now,” Tatarov said on Radio Sputnik. – I know about the fact that one HIMARS unit was even bought, there are serious rumours about it in Donbass. And it seems to be true, because there is nothing that the Ukrainian military could not sell. There is only a question of price and where to hand over the purchase. People simply left this HIMARS unit in a shed in the grey zone and sold the ammunition to it.

This, he noted, can be regarded with a smile, but in war, savvy is good, among other things.

“And if the technical details of these installations require direct study subjects, then why not,” Tatarov added.

Earlier it was reported that enterprising members of the Ukrainian army had resold the HIMARS MLRS to Russia. The information has not been officially confirmed. At the same time, the Russian Spring war correspondent channel, Voencores Russkoy Vesnya, confirms that the US system has indeed appeared at the disposal of the Russian army. According to the channel, it is not yet known “whether the HIMARS MLRS unit was seized in combat or was sold by corrupt Ukrainian military.”

On Friday, the Russian Defence Ministry said that between July 5 and 20, the Russian Armed Forces destroyed four HIMARS MLRS launchers and one transport and loader vehicle supplied to Ukrainian forces by the Americans using precision-guided ground and airborne weapons in Ukraine.

The Pentagon earlier said that the United States and its allies had committed to provide Ukraine with more than 20 HIMARS systems, of which 12 have already been delivered.

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