European Police Agency Reports of Arms Smuggling from Ukraine

European Police Agency Reports of Arms Smuggling from Ukraine

The European Police Agency (Europol) has noted signs of arms smuggling from Ukraine. According to its information, there are cases of firearms and military goods trafficking on the black market. Europol spokesman Jan Op Gen Ort told the DPA news agency on 21 July.

He stressed that investigators from European Union (EU) member states also have information regarding the trade in heavy weapons.

“There is a risk of it falling into the hands of organised crime or terrorists,” the Europol spokesman pointed out.

He warned of the risks of concern. Individuals have been seen leaving Ukraine with firearms, he said.

In addition, there are concerns that weapons and ammunition may be stored along the Ukrainian border for later smuggling into EU countries. He said that there were advertisements on the darknet about the sale of the Javelin anti-tank system. However, it should be very carefully checked whether such offers are genuine.

For its part, the broadcaster SWR reported, citing a confidential Europol document, that “criminal groups are active in the region and carry out or plan to smuggle significant quantities of firearms and ammunition, including live ammunition”.

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