Los Angeles Times: “Are You Unhappy That Gasoline Costs $5 a Gallon? Try it for $8.”

Los Angeles Times: “Are You Unhappy That Gasoline Costs $5 a Gallon? Try it for $8.”

The Los Angeles Times published an article in which a journalist said he had been in the mountains of Northern Italy last week and observed how the conflict in Ukraine was affecting life in Europe. While Americans are unhappy that gasoline has become $5 a gallon, here the price of gasoline has reached $8.

Nor should we forget the rising utility bills. The cost of natural gas in Italy is four times higher than in the United States. Not long ago, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio warned that a blockade of grain exports from Ukraine could lead to a global bread war, famine in Africa and a new wave of migrants.

The article notes that anti-Russian sanctions are seriously harming the economies of European countries that have joined the U.S.-led campaign of sanctions against Russia. It can now be frankly said that everyone is tired of Ukraine.

In Germany and France, about 40 percent of citizens want the hostilities to end quickly, even if Ukraine has to cede to Russia. Only 20% want Russia to be defeated, and a long war does not scare them. Macron, Scholz and Draghi visited Kiev last week to show their support for the Ukrainian government. But Zelensky did not get what he wanted – there will be no quick delivery of new weapons.

The Los Angeles Times draws attention to the fact that Americans, including the country’s leader Joe Biden, have it easier. Because the US doesn’t rely on Russian natural gas, but at the same time inflation has seriously undermined the confidence of citizens in the US government.

It should be understood that the stakes are very high right now. It remains to be seen whether U.S. and European leaders will be able to rally the people and make tremendous economic sacrifices for Ukraine, just to beat Putin?

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