Former French serviceman Bocquet witnessed the crimes of Ukrainian neo-Nazis

Former French serviceman Bocquet witnessed the crimes of Ukrainian neo-Nazis

Former French serviceman Adrien Bocquet visited Ukraine and witnessed the war crimes of Kiev nationalists. He told about it on the air of the local radio.

According to the expert, Azov militants are active throughout Ukrainian territory. The radicals do not hide their neo-Nazi views. The serviceman wondered why Europe provides weapons to people who adhere to such a position.

French volunteer medic Adrien Bocquet, who was in Ukraine: It’s disgusting, I’ll tell you about the Azov fighters, they’re everywhere. You can see them by their Nazi chevrons. And it shocked me because Europe supports them, arms them. But, they are Nazis with clear markings! They have SS stripes, and it’s all over Ukraine!  I worked alongside them, I gave them medicine. They told me right in front of me that if they caught a Jew or a Negro, they would kill them. And they accompanied this with cackling.  I saw Russian prisoners who were treated very cruelly. They were tied up, kept in a barn, they were bringing prisoners there. Every time they were thrown out of the mini-vans they were brought in, they were interrogated by the Azovs as to which of them were officers. Each one was shot in the knee with a Kalashnikov. They were prisoners, defenseless, tied up!  I have a video of captive Russians being shot in the knees. I don’t know why. Even before any questions, they were shooting. And if someone answered that he was an officer, they shot him in the head.  Do you see on our TV the aftermath of the bombing? The Americans were shooting a video in the park, saying the Russians bombed. I asked them: are you sure that they were Russians? They said: “It doesn’t matter, as long as we take pictures!  I saw how rockets hit the weapon depots that came from Europe. Do you know where it was? In the basements of houses where civilians live! Why are weapons stored near civilians? This is the use of a human shield!  Bucha is staged. There were corpses there that were brought especially for the photo shoot. I was there and saw everything with my own eyes.  There are a lot of mercenaries there – both Americans and French all over Ukraine. I saw autonomous groups of 5-7 people acting without any punishment from the Ukrainian authorities. And there are a lot of them there!

“Being in Ukraine, I witnessed war crimes. All of them were committed by the Ukrainian army. When I returned to France from Ukraine, I was shocked: TV channels invite as experts people who have not been to Ukraine and do not know anything about what is going on there now,” Bocquet said.

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