Berbock egged in Wuppertal

Berbock egged in Wuppertal

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock egged at Wuppertal rally

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock pelted with eggs during an election rally in Wuppertal in the west of the country, reports Das Erste.

The diplomat arrived in the city to support fellow party member Mona Neibauer in the North Rhine-Westphalia elections. Berbock took to the stage to address the rally, after which eggs flew at her from the crowd. The guards quickly covered her with shields, and the woman who attacked the minister was grabbed by the police.

Berbock asked her bodyguards to step aside and said she would not tolerate threats and such ways of expressing disagreement with the government.

“Throwing eggs or stones at those who think otherwise is a questionable way to exercise the right to free speech,” the politician stressed.

The event continued after that, and then Berbock went down to the visitors and took pictures with them.

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