UK will deliver Brimstone missiles to Ukraine in the near future

UK will deliver Brimstone missiles to Ukraine in the near future

The United Kingdom will supply high-tech Brimstone missiles to Ukraine in the next few weeks, possibly before May 10. The United Kingdom’s Deputy Minister of Defense James Hippy said this in an April 26 speech to Parliament.

“I want to inform the House of Commons that we will provide Brimstone in the next few weeks, possibly while Parliament is in recess before the Queen’s Throne Speech,” he added.

Elizabeth II’s speech, which traditionally marks the opening of the new session of Parliament, is scheduled for May 10.

Back in Parliament on Monday, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace noted that there is currently no talk of sending Harpoon anti-ship missiles to Ukraine, as Britain only has them in ship-to-ship form, nor Brimstone missiles. However, according to Hippy, the delivery dates have been pushed forward.

“When the Secretary of Defense made a statement to Parliament yesterday, he mentioned that we had agreed in principle to develop and sell [Kiev] a naval version of the Brimstone missile in 2020. Ukraine has recently requested long-range missiles to hit ground targets, and the government has been looking into whether the stockpile [of] Brimstone missiles could be used for that purpose. But given the speed at which our specialists are now working and the effectiveness of the partnership with the manufacturers, I am happy to report that they have moved that timeline forward,” Hippy said.

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