Italy expects to open borders to foreigners before summer 2021

Italy expects to open borders to foreigners before summer 2021

Italy calculates borders for foreigners before summer. In the event, the tourism business may not stand up to competing countries.
“The Italian authorities are counting on the resumption of international tourism by June 2 and hope to start receiving guests on May 15. This issue may be resolved this week: the government intends to create a schedule for the opening of regions in order to launch international tourism, “-” Interfax. Tourism “statement of the head of the Italian Ministry of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia.

The reason for the rush is the weakening of the state of the tourism business in Italy, which needs to be supported so that the company does not go bankrupt. Especially against the background of Greece’s announcement of the resumption of the international tourist season from May 14th.

According to the head of the Italian Tourism Association Marco Micelli, albeit with restrictions, it is no longer possible: tourists will book everything at the last moment, and for this you need to understand which accommodation facilities will work. Otherwise, travelers will be reoriented to more convenient destinations in this regard.

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