The CIA has declassified all UFO documents

The CIA has declassified all UFO documents

The information was posted in the public domain, anyone can view or download it for free.

In total, more than 2700 pages of text have been collected. Almost all documents relate to mysterious incidents that occurred in the last century, starting in the 1980s, not only in the United States, but also in other countries. For example, one document describes a strange explosion near the town of Sasovo in the Ryazan region.

According to published data, the explosion occurred in April 1991. An incomplete translation is: “The shockwave roared through the streets, ripping off roofs in some areas, and knocking out glass and window frames. The multi-storey blocks swayed. No one was seriously injured. It is not known what could have caused the explosion. Some argue that the ammunition went off since the last war, others say that the bomb is to blame. Some explain what happened by a falling meteorite, but there are also those who allegedly saw a moving sphere of fire. We are waiting for the expert opinion. “
It is worth noting that the exact cause of the explosion is still a mystery.

John Greenwald Jr., the creator of The Black Vault, played a huge role in the declassification of documents. He spent about 25 years trying to get information from the American government. In his actions, he was guided by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which operates in the United States and mandates the full or partial disclosure of government information.

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