Pfizer and Moderna to Test Their Vaccines Against New COVID-19 Strain

Pfizer and Moderna to Test Their Vaccines Against New COVID-19 Strain

The companies previously reported that their vaccines are effective against the mutated coronavirus from the UK. Previously, it caused a massive collapse at the world’s major markets.

Pfizer and Moderna will test their coronavirus vaccines to test their effectiveness against a new, more contagious strain found in the UK. Both pharmaceutical manufacturers are already collecting relevant information, CNN reports.

Earlier, Pfizer and Moderna announced the effectiveness of their vaccines against the mutated virus. According to the developers, the effectiveness of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines reaches 95% in all groups of volunteers, regardless of gender, age or race. Moderna rated its vaccine as 94% effective. In the initial analysis, the effectiveness was 94.1%, and in severe cases of the disease – 100%.

On Monday, Pfizer’s vaccine was approved first by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and then by the European Commission. Vaccinations here should begin on December 27-29. Earlier in Europe, the vaccine began to be used in the USA and Great Britain. Key negotiations to review the Moderna vaccine for use in Europe are scheduled for January 6, Bloomberg reported.

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