In Greece 358 new cases of coronavirus infection detected per day

In Greece 358 new cases of coronavirus infection detected per day

The number of cases of coronavirus infection registered in Greece increased by 358 per day and reached 16286, the press service of the National Public Health Organization of Greece said on September 23.

Five patients with COVID-19 died per day. The total number of victims of the infection has reached 357.

According to the Skai TV channel, out of 358 new cases of infection, 43 were detected during border control at the entrance to the country. Three more carriers of the coronavirus themselves came to be tested after entry.

Among new cases of infection within the country, most of all – 194 – were in the Attica region. In the region of Thessaloniki, 10 cases were detected, in Trikala – 17 cases, in Pella – 7 cases.

On the island of Lesvos, 17 cases of infection were recorded, of which 16 were associated with the Kara Tepe (formerly Moria) refugee camp. There are 17 more cases on the island of Samos, 16 of them related to the refugee camp.

Of all the new infections, 56 have been linked to known crowds, according to a daily report by the Greek National Public Health Organization.

According to statistics, out of 16286 cases, 2696 (16.6%) were associated with travel from abroad, 6808 (41.8%) – with contacts with already known carriers of the infection.

The average age of those infected was 39 years, the deaths – 78 years.

We will remind, on September 22, 346 new cases of infection were registered in Greece. The largest daily increase of 453 people was recorded on September 21. He was associated with an outbreak at the Kara-Tepe camp.

We will also remind that when the regime of strict isolation was lifted in May, the Ministry of Health announced that the target indicator is the single-digit (one-digit) number of new infections per day.

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