Russia may claim exclusive rights in the Northern Sea Route project

Russia may claim exclusive rights in the Northern Sea Route project

So say international experts on the Arctic. For example, the German scientist and geologist Konrad Kopch said at an event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Arctic Research Institute that Russia should protect its territories in the Arctic. Especially now, when the struggle for the Arctic is only intensifying.

Konrad Kopch, German scholar: “There are international rights. If ships move in Russian international waters, then, of course, everything should go according to the rules and laws of the Russian Federation. And if necessary, Russia must protect its territories. ”

Konrad Kopch

As you know, the United States plans to send a warship to the Arctic this summer. On the island of Adak in Alaska, the Americans will place a military base. It is possible that such measures are taken by Washington because of fear that Russia is expanding its capabilities in the Arctic and because of the melting of the Arctic ice. The Northern Sea Route (NSR) will be controlled by Russia, and transport routes from China to Europe will pass through it. – the so-called “Polar Silk Road”

In the state of Alaska, on the island of Adak close to Russian territory, the Pentagon is already building a military base where soldiers, ships and P-8 reconnaissance aircraft will be deployed.

International experts note that Russia has more military bases beyond the Arctic Circle and more icebreakers than all other coastal countries combined. The military infrastructure of Russia in the Arctic has no analogues, the head of the Ministry of Defense Sergey Shoigu said this in 2019. Now the Arctic power of Russia is only growing.

Recall that the Arctic is not only the shortest sea route from East Asia to Europe, it territory rich also huge resources. 30% of the world’s gas reserves and 13% of oil are concentrated here. There are deposits of gold, silver, diamonds, copper, titanium, graphite and uranium. Russia is actively developing gas fields as part of the Arctic LNG and Yamal LNG projects.

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